Bottom Films

Bottom films

Bottom Films – Standard-Typen
Flexible films (barrier films)!
Rigid films (Mono-APET)!
Foamed rigid films (Mono-APET)!
Rigid films//Flexible films (APET//PE, APET//barrier films)!
Foamed rigid films// flexible films (APET//PE, APET//barrier films)!

Standard models
Low (Mono-APET, APET//PE), medium (PA-) and high (EVOH-) barriers!
3 to 14 layers!
Thicknesses from 80 to 750µm!

Standard options
Suitable for high temperature applications, pasteurization, boiling, sterilization!
All tinting with customer-specific translucence!
Flexo-printing with up to 10 colours!
Easy-peel function!
Resealable function!
Antiblock, antifog, anti-static agent, UV protection!