Packaging film for Food

Our products (sealed bags, vacuum bags, packaging film, flow pack films, top films, bottom films, laminated films) are not only characterized by particularly high bond strength and can therefore be also optimal for aggressive products such as spices and oils to use, but also by excellent sealing properties.

The characteristics of our films are determined by the smallest of three to the highest fourteen-layer barrier by the individual product requirements: temperature resistance, coloring, great seal windows and UV protection combined with easy-peelable, antifog and high hot-tack equipment belong to us as well standard as excellent thermoformability and suitability for further processing in printing and laminating.

Films for meat

Meat should remain juicy and hygienically sound, even when stored for longer periods.

Films for sausage ware

The greatest strength of our films is their particularly good running properties in the context of automated packaging processes.

Films for cheese

Due to the different degrees of ripeness, cheeses require very unique packaging solutions.

Films for fish packaging

The protection of valuable protein and oils and especially intensive aromas is the primary function of fish packaging.

We have our own Fish and Seafood department. So you get the perfect film! Give us a call!

Films for seafood packaging

The packaging of shellfish and crustaceans puts particularly high demands on the puncture resistance of the packaging.

We have our own Fish and Seafood department. So you get the perfect film! Give us a call!

Film for bakery products and pastries

Cakes, donuts and cookies lose their taste when they’re dry. Therefore, it’s particularly important that a standard feature of the packaging be the preservation of moisture as well as flavour of the various bakery goods and pastries.

Packaging films for herbs

Especially when it comes to highly fragrant herbs, it’s mandatory that their aroma be protected as best as possible against external influences and the effects of impurities.

Films for sweets and snacks packaging

The packaging for snacks and sweets, such as chocolate, chips or bonbons has to fulfil not only the practical requirements, but also the high visual requirements: An attractive, colourful design and distinctive motifs generally contribute to the customer’s decision to buy.